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Exploring the National Board Certification Process-
An Awareness Webinar

Take the next step in your professional journey.  This Awareness Session is an opportunity for educators to virtually connect and discuss the process of becoming a National Board Certified Teacher.An overview of components of process, resources, and time for Q &A will be provided.

July 19,2022

Time: 1-2 pm 

Cost: Free

NBCT Facilitators: 
    Kathleen Palmieri, Annette Romano 


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NBCT Maintenance of Certification Overview

Designed to support ongoing professional learning and signal demonstration of performance over time, Maintenance of Certification requires you, as a National Board Certified Teacher, to document your professional accomplishments every five years to keep your Board certification current and valid. This session is designed to provide National Board Certified Teachers an overview of the structure and requirements of the NBCT MOC process.   

Sponsored by NBCNY

Cost:  Free 

NBCT Facilitator:  Jennifer Toohey

Date:  July 19th

Time 9-10:30 am 

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Join Author Amber Chandler, NBCT in her The Flexible SEL Classroom Book Talk-A 3 Part Summer Series

Connect and Get INSPIRED to start your school Year! Need ideas how to implement SEL without sacrificing content? Do you KNOW that post-pandemic students need a safe, supportive classroom community to thrive, but you need to talk it through?

Dates: August 3.10, 17, 2022

Time:  10-11:30 am 

Fee: $20.00


Strong Support Keeps Us Moving Forward! 

Our National Board Certification programs are continuing because of their strong support from our Professional Learning Facilitators  as well as the support of NYS Teacher Centers, NBPTS, NYSED, BOCES, local school districts and dedicated NBCTs.

The National Board Certification process has changed to be more flexible. Now there are only 4 components and you have up to 3 years to submit. We will be hosting Regional Awareness Sessions to update NBCTs, teachers, administrators and union leaders about these changes.


Most candidates participate in a NBC Support Group or Cohort.  Cohorts are group of candidates pursuing board certification who are guided by a facilitator.  Facilitators have extensive training to provide ethical support. 

Check your Regional Page for a cohort near you!

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NBCNY is a register 501c3 and Non-Profit Organization

NBCNY is an approved NYSED CTLE sponsor.