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 Kathleen Palmieri's Why... 


Kathleen Palmieri, NBCT
Middle Childhood Generalist
Shenendehowa CSD

Becoming a Nationally Board-Certified Teacher (NBCT) has been one of the most important steps I have taken in my professional career. It is truly the gold standard in education and rightly so. While it is a rigorous process, it helped me to reflect upon and grow my teaching practice. From the standards to the Five Core Propositions, and The Architecture of Accomplished Teaching, I learned more about myself, my students, and how to set and achieve relevant goals. Through my National Board journey, I have networked with other teachers throughout the state and throughout the country. I have had many outstanding opportunities open for me as an NBCT. 


Achieving my goal of becoming an NBCT helped me to establish and achieve other goals. I have published education articles, been asked to review professional texts, and have become a National Board Professional Learning Facilitator. This has allowed me to lead Awareness Sessions to help other educators learn how to begin their National Board journey. In addition, it has been so gratifying to work one on one or in a group with teachers as they navigate through this process, supporting them as they work toward their goal of certifying. In my district I am part of the Teacher Induction Team which helps new teachers learn best practices and offers many learning opportunities. Within this role, I share my journey as a NBCT, which also closely aligns with the observation process used in our district. 


Being a part of learning communities is truly something I’ve gained from my National Board Journey. There is a camaraderie and a spirit that inspires me to continue to grow and share. It is a transformative process that guides and inspires me. I look forward to continued growth and helping others through their journey as they achieve their goals.

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