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National Board and Higher Education


Many universities around the country are aligning their standards with the National Board Certification standards. Dr. Patrick Allen, the Dean of Union Graduate College School of Education, was one of the first in New York State to align the Masters of Arts in Teaching program with National Board standards.

Graduate Credit

Many universities award graduate credit for achieving National Board Certification. NBCTs can download an application from the American Council of Education which can be submitted with payment for graduate credits at participating universities.

Certificate of Graduate Study

Some institutions of Higher Education are also creating Certificates of Graduate Study.

Union Graduate College School of Education has created two Certificates of Advanced Study: one in Mentoring and one in Teacher Leadership. Each of these will help teachers prepare for various leadership roles in their school district.

The University at Albany School of Education has created a 15 credit hour Certificate of Graduate Study in Teacher Leadership, which involves participating in a National Board support group, achieving NBC, participating in a teacher leadership institute and focusing on a specific area of expertise. This CGS has been approved by NYSED.

SUNY Plattsburgh offers a Certificate in Teacher Leadership (12 credit hours)Check out their Teacher Leader Brochure or contact Dr. Steve Danna for more information.

The College of St. Rose and NYSUT's Education and Learning Trust have developed an Advanced Study in Curriculum and Instruction. It is a series of three courses (9 credit hours) at the graduate and post graduate level. These courses are being offered at a reduced cost through ELT.

University Based Support Groups

In New York State several schools of education have collaborated with NBCTs to support candidates seeking National Board Certification. These include:


  • SUNY Potsdam and St. Lawrence Teacher Center

  • Adelphi University

  • Nazareth College

Please contact us if you have other examples which incorporate NBC and institutions of higher education.

Adjunct Faculty

The New York State Professional Standards and Practices Board have approved NBCTs to teach on the graduate level and at institutions of Higher Education. Several NBCTs work as adjuncts at Union Graduate College, University at Albany and the College of St. Rose.

Study Groups

The Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) at the University at Albany is one of the premier school study councils in the nation. It serves as a cooperative planning and development association between school districts and the University at Albany’s School of Education. CASDA provides a variety of services to schools and education professionals including membership opportunities, professional development programs and customizable consulting services. Today, as one of only 40 school study councils in the nation, it is considered one of the oldest and largest organizations of its kind, serving administrators, faculty and students in more than 100 school districts. At its core, CASDA is committed to changing with the times, while preserving its original purpose of bringing local educators together in order to improve school districts, solve common education problems and enhance student achievement.

CASDA Select Seminar focused on National Board Certification in New York State. 

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