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Faculty and Superintendent’s Day Meetings

Would you like a Teacher Center representative to come to your school for your next faculty meeting, conference day or staff development meeting to make a presentation about the National Board Certification program?

Call your local New York State Teacher Center to request a faculty presentation and we will schedule a site visit, bring materials and tailor our presentation to your specific needs and time frame. National Board Certified Teachers are available for informational presentations on the history, processes and services offered through the Teacher Center in order to support teachers who are interested in pursuing National Board Certification. The Teacher Center may also be able to assist you in beginning or locating a National Board Support Group near you.

These NBPTS Publications may help your stakeholders better understand the rigorous National Board Certification process.


Administrative Support

School districts can support teachers who are pursuing National Board Certification by providing them with:


  • Access to a support group

  • PZM microphone

  • Laptop computer

  • A flash drive

  • Camcorder

  • High quality VHS tapes

  • Three release days: One for a support group, one for a writing retreat and one for packing or the assessment center exercises

  • Access to a copier

  • In service credit for hours logged at the support group

  • Recognition for sending in the portfolio

  • Encouragement to become an advanced candidate

  • Recognition for achievement

NBCTs & School Districts

Each state, district and school decides how best to capitalize on the National Board Certification process and the expertise of NBCTs as it designs instructional arrangements to promote student learning and support professional practice. Is your school or district using NBCTs in new and creative ways? Contact us so we can share your experiences.

School Districts

Albany CSD

  • Half-time mentor coordinator.

Niskayuna CSD

  • Release teacher as TOSA as National Board Coordinator

  • NBCTs as new teacher mentors for three years.

  • NBCTs helping to create a new teacher induction program.

  • NBCTs as mentor coordinators with additional duties and stipends.

Schenectady CSD

  • NBCTs trained as Candidate Support Providers run their districts NBC Support Group.  Some of their NBCTs are taking on Teacher Leadership roles.

Cambridge CSD

  • Release teacher as TOSA as Co-Director of NBCNY

Administrator Resources

Using Title II under ESSA to Support Accomplished Teaching in Districts

The proven impact of Board-Certified Teachers on Student Achievement

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