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Establish A Cohort to Support Candidates

Beginning a Cohort 

It takes a few people who are persistent and committed to establish an effective support program. One of the best ways to begin a National Board Cohort is to connect with a New York State Teacher Center Director and National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) who are really excited about the certification process and want to help teachers in their area. Continue these discussions with invitations to a NYSUT regional representative, administrators, Higher Education personnel, other possible candidates and a NBCT who has received facilitator training.


Many NBC cohorts started with a general awareness presentation about the NBC process and continue on to generate brainstorming about how each organization can help support the initiative. The NBPTS Outreach Toolkit is designed to help you create awareness and communicate effectively about the NBC process. The kit contains tips for preparing a presentation, a PowerPoint presentation for recruitment meetings, handouts and a NBPTS national video. This New York State Awareness PowerPoint can provide some additional information for presentations. All materials are updated under the Resources Tab-Awareness.

Informational Meetings

Since there is so much information to provide prospective candidates it often takes several informational meetings to build the commitment to the process and the group. Agenda items may include:

  • NBPTS organization

  • NBC Process

  • Reasons for pursuing NBC

  • District support and incentives

  • Funding/Shanker Grant

  • Five Core Propositions

  • Time commitment/time line

  • Certificate areas

  • Video segment (see YouTube)

  • Getting Started handout
    These are
    resources available and can be modified to meet the needs of your audience.

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