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Certification Process

As of 2014, the NBC process has four components based on the NBPTS Standards the selected certification area.


  • A portfolio of classroom practice including samples of student work and video recordings of instruction

  • A content knowledge assessment administered at a computer-based testing center

View the NBPTS Certificates, Standards and Instructions.

The 4 Components of National Board Certification

Assessment Center

Component 1- Content Knowledge. The assessment center portion of the certification process is component 1.  Assessments are administered at computer-based testing centers which require candidates demonstrate content knowledge specific to their certification and developmental level.  There are two sections to the assessment: 3 constructed response items and 45 selected response (multiple choice) items.

The Portfolio

The portfolio consists of three components each requiring direct evidence of teaching and commentary describing, analyzing and reflecting on this evidence. The portfolio includes: 

Component 2-Differentiated Instruction: A classroom-based entry consisting of a written commentary with accompanying student work.

Component 3-Learning Environment: A classroom-based entry that requires written commentary and video recordings of interactions between the teacher and student.  

Component 4-Effective and Reflective Practitioner:  This component requires candidates to demonstrate the use of various forms assessment, and participation in learning communities and professional learning.

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