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Professional Learning Facilitators(PLF)

One of the major goals of NBCNY is to increase access to the NBPTS Body of Knowledge which includes the Five Core Propositions, Certificate Standards and Architecture of Accomplished Teaching. We believe as teachers engage with these free resources we strengthen the career continuum (pre-service, early career, certification, through teacher leadership).

NBCNY is proud to have facilitators and trainers in each region who provide various professional learning opportunities for all teachers.  Through grant funding and the generosity of our consultants we have a great collection of resources on our new PLF Website.   




Becoming a Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF)

We are always looking to grow our dedicated network of PLFs to provide various professional learning offerings.To date, there are more than 300 trained facilitators leading over 60 National Board Cohorts across the state. However, as the number of teachers who pursue national certification grows, so will the requests for assistance in undertaking the rigorous NBC process. Teachers who participate in cohorts during certification have an enhanced professional learning experience and have higher achievement rates.  

Many NBCTs don't see achieving board certification as an end but part of a bigger mission to contribute to the teaching profession.  They continue to be involved with the NBC process by supporting candidates. These facilitators are known as PLFs .


To assist NBCTs in becoming more confident in meeting various needs of candidate support, NBPTS has created a two-day PLF training on the fundamentals of support, adult learning and providing feedback.  

It is extremely important that PLFs provide current and accurate information to all audiences. In order to accomplish this, PLFs are encouraged to:

  • Visit the NBPTS website frequently to stay up-to-date on the NBC process

  • Network with other facilitators

If you would like to be an instructor for NYSUT's ELT NB Program-which provides graduate credit through Empire State College, email John Strom at for more information.

Professional Learning Facilitator  (PLF) Training 

See Workshops page in NBCNY for a listing of  trainings across the state.


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