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Renew your Board Certification--NYSUT's ELT in partnership with NBCNY have just  received the news from Empire State College that our syllabus to offer Renewal as a 3 graduate hour course for $300 has been approved!  Look for more information on a Renewal Cohort in your region during the 2019-20 school year.


Nominate an Educator for New York State Teacher of the Year

Take the time to recognize an outstanding teacher by nominating them for the New York State Teacher of the Year Program. If a school or district does not already have a formal teacher recognition program anyone can initiate the process by sending their nomination to the building principal or superintendent of the teacher being nominated. Please visit the Teacher of the Year webpage and application. Thank you for joining us to support and recognize teachers.


Do You Differentiate?


One of our wonderful NBCTs in Western NY, Amber Chandler is launching a new website in conjunction with her new book, The Flexible Classroom: Differentiation for the ELA Classroom 4-8, which will be out in September.


NBCTs please send her a lesson, PowerPoint, Prezi, worksheet, handout, or any other educational material that you'd be willing to share on my site on the "Collaborators Page." The goal is simple: share our best "stuff" with each other to build community and to help others innovate.


Let's help our fellow NY NBCT and our students. All you have to do is send Amber a copy, pdf, link, etc, and she'll do the rest and of course give you credit.


Learn More about an Exciting Refugee Education Foundations Pilot Project for NY Teachers

--Informational Flyer

The Teacher Leader Project

The Project:  The Teacher Leader Project, a true P-20 partnership between our team of higher educators, National Board Certified Teachers, other accomplished practitioners, regional P-12 schools and SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury, was and continues to be driven by the need for teacher leadership in schools. The Teacher Leader Project has elevated social agency, collective efficacy, resources and led to ideas which initiated meaningful ventures building trusting relationships and innumerable opportunities.
Good work happens when school educators including National Board Certified teachers, administrators, higher education, and community stakeholders work together to benefit the children and communities whom they serve.  We hope you find this work, chronicling our journey of establishing these partnerships and workshops, helpful in your context.  Here is a collection of our resources.  See Workshops Page for the next gathering 

Interested in Teacher Leadership or Administration

SUNY at Plattsburgh is now (2021) offering a completely on-line program.  The 12 grad credit CGS in Teacher Leadership will even roll into a Ed Admin Degree.   Read More


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