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Begin Your Journey

Getting Started

As a National Board Certificate (NBC) candidate you begin by determining the NBC area that best fits your professional goals and practice. The National Board offers 25 certificate areas that are structured along two dimensions: the developmental level of the students and subject areas. For more information, visit the Certificate Area page on the National Board website.


To be eligible for National Board Certification, you must:


  • Hold a baccalaureate degree

  • Have completed three years of full time teaching/school counseling

  • Hold a valid state teaching certificate or teach in a state approved private school

Program Fees

NBPTS fees total $1,900, an annual non-refundable processing charge of $75 and  $475 for each component. Advanced candidates may need to retake exercises and bank their score for accomplished entries if they do not achieve certification on the first or second attempt.  The NYS Shanker Grant is available to cover the application cost.

How to Apply

Read the Guide to National Board Certification for important information regarding fees, deadlines and policies. Once you have read this information and have made the decision to pursue certification, click the get Get Certfied! button at the top of the page, log in to My Profile and submit your application.

If you are interested in learning more about the details of certification and the candidacy process, visit National Board’s Candidate Center.

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