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NBC Awareness Session - Wappingers Falls
May 18, 2017
4 pm - 6 pm
Library-Van Wick Jr. HS
10 Hillside Lake Road
Wappingers Falls


Join us for an Awareness Session around National Board Certification. National Board Certification is a growing education reform movement that is advancing student achievement and learning, developing and recognizing excellence in teaching, and improving schools. The process is also closely aligned to the new APPR process for teachers regardless of what rubric the district is using. Teachers who achieve National Board Certification have met high standards through study, expert evaluation, self-assessment, and peer review. Research shows that candidates for National Board Certification demonstrate significant improvement in their teaching practice whether or not their candidacy results in certification. The process of analyzing and reflecting on daily practice during candidacy helps teachers focus on their strengths and gives them ideas for improving their teaching.
Admission is FREE!

Registration is required. Deadline is 5/15/2017.

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