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Advancing Your Professionalism Through National Board Certification
Wednesday, May 11, 2016
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Erie-Catt Teacher Center
3000 School View Rd

Eden, NY 14057









Mary Ann Dates, NBCT and Susan Kellner, NBCT

Candidate Support Providers


Are you ready to challenge yourself professionally?

This National Board awareness workshop will introduce you to the Mission of the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, and the process by which you can achieve National Board Certification. You will explore the three main reasons why teachers choose to pursue becoming a NBCT:                                                                   

  • To achieve autonomy over your own professional development.

  • To master your teaching craft, through self-reflection.

  • To give your work purpose again through stronger student achievement.

Come and learn all the details, develop your own possible National Board timeline and explore the benefits of National Board Certification.  Session will include a brief overview of the process including: application, component descriptions, and grant funding.

Registration is required.

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