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NBPTS Professional Learning Facilitator Training

February 20 (8 am - 4 pm) and 21(8 am - 2 pm), 2018

Cost: $100 includes lunch and materials

NYSUT Headquarters

800 Troy Schenectady Road

Latham, NY

Have you ever considered supporting colleagues in the board certification process or perhaps starting a NB Cohort? Join us for a newly released training for National Board Professional Learning Facilitators from NBPTS which places the Tier 1 CSP Training.  It is a great first step in your work with colleagues.


Module 1: Introduction to National Board Professional Learning

This module provides facilitators with materials that aid in the understanding of the

fundamentals of system design utilizing the Accomplished Teaching Body of Knowledge. In addition to understanding system design, the module also provides potential for flexibility, scaffolding possibilities, as well descriptions for what it means to be an effective facilitator of the certification process.


Module 2: Working with Adult Learners

This module provides facilitators with materials for honoring the adult learner, communicating effectively with candidate. This module was created in partnership with the National Board Resource Center at Stanford.


Module 3: Foundations

This module provides an in-depth collection of activities focused on the Accomplished Teaching Body of Knowledge (Five Core Propositions, certificate standards, and the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching). Foundations Supplement: This supplement provides additional activities for candidates and potential candidates. This module was created in partnership with the National Education Association (NEA).


Module 4: Ethical Candidate Facilitation

This module provides facilitators with materials for understanding the importance of providing ethical candidate support and certification denial or revocation.


Module 5: Scoring

This module provides facilitators with materials for understanding and communicating about the scoring process for the National Board Certification assessments.


Module 6: Providing Feedback

This module presents guidance on providing effective and reflective feedback and questions for teachers before and during National Board Certification. This module was created in partnership with the National Board Resource Center at Stanford.

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