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National Board Interviews

A Principal: Changing School Culture - David Pretto















Principal and NBCT David Pretto, PS 96 in East Harlem, discusses the changing culture in his newly consolidated school. Embedding the common language of accomplished practice has shifted the professional conversations and has teachers collaborating and reflecting on practice to improve student learning.


Assistant Superintendent: Coherence, Improvement, Opportunity - Gary Knight 

















NYC District 4 Assistant Superintendent Gary Knight, discusses his new understanding of the National Board process, the research and impact of the body of knowledge about accomplished practice, and how it may translate into improvement for the students in his district.


An Administrator: Return on Investment - Diane Provvido



Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Curriculum, and Research, Diane Provvido discusses the district's return on the investment, in their early career teachers, of embedding the body of knowledge around accomplished practice in the Oceanside induction program.

Tapping Talent: Our NBCTs


















A different perspective regarding the professional capital of NBCTs, from a previous high school science teacher turned administrator, professional developer and now Dean at the SUNY Plattsburgh' branch campus.


An NBCT: Coming to the Profession - Heather Buskirk, NBCT


















Heather Buskirk, NBCT, discusses her personal career trajectory. From aspiring astrophysicist, with eyes toward the sky and NASA, she reluctantly realized the challenge and reward of teaching. Now, an inspired classroom scientist, she inspires teachers and students to reach for the stars!


A Teacher, A Student, A Challenge - Rita Floess, NBCT

All teachers face challenging students in their career. In this interview, Rita Floess, an National Board Certified Teacher discusses her most challenging student and how her professional growth led her to helping him access learning in her classroom.

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